Good afternoon Kamil...

Thank you for taking the time to help further our business. We area team of three entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds in healthcare, information science, computer science and engineering.

Corporate life is so overrated! As businesses started losing their market and influence (even before COVID) we ended up being laid off. We resolved never again to work for a corporation, and started an online retail business, based in Ontario Canada where we live. We have been persistent and diligent in our start-up: We have tried to learn from successful entrepreneurs, such as yourself, Adrian Morrison, John Yoon and others. 

Initially we started selling convertible chairs(prayer mats that can be converted to chairs for use on picnics, or in mosques etc.) We continue to sell them on Amazon.ca but in tiny numbers.  

We chose the baby care products niche to work in. Our reasoning was this: Due to work-from-home directives, a lot of people have now found it easier to balance work and home life. Our reasoning is that many people who have been putting off starting a family for the sake of their careers, would have decided that this is the best time to start a family without hurting their careers, especially after a few months of working from home would have convinced them that this remote work situation is not a temporary passing phase, but rather a long term reality.

Based on this we started a dropshipping business that we hoped would enable us to use our business skills and generate profit. We want a real business that takes care of its customers and eventually develops or licenses its own products or has whitelabel products branded for us.  


But for it to be sustainable, it has to be profitable.

We have started with FB ads for cold audiences. Targeting the right interests has been challenging (based on the results we got). We will share with you what we did and how we used affinity pages in Audience Insights to help with targeting.

We have gotten our Click Through Rates up from 0.5% to 5%. Our Content view Rates are also up to 4-5% 

All well and good.... but we have spent almost $300 on FB ads on three test products. Unfortunately our total sales have been Zero.

We thought it may be our pricing so we benchmarked against sellers on amazon and started a storewide discount campaign to see if this would help. so far it has not helped.

Is it our niche? Is it our website? urban-baby.com

Is it our long shipping times? Is it our ads (we include some examples of ads we are testing on FB now for your comment)