Infrared Thermometer: THAD
Infrared Thermometer: THAD
Infrared Thermometer: THAD
Infrared Thermometer: THAD
Infrared Thermometer: THAD
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Infrared Thermometer: THAD

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    Hello Thad !

    Thad is a clinically proven, 3-in-1 infrared thermometer: Measure body temperature on Forehead, In-ear, or measure ambient and object temperature. .

    Urban Baby Infrared Thermometer

    Versatile, Effective, Efficient

    Mode ① measure body temp on forehead 
    Mode ② in-ear
    Mode ③ measure object and air temperature remotely.

    Contactless forehead measurement is convenient and comfortable, while in-ear measurement is the most accurate way for any thermometer.

    This thermometer AUTOMATICALLY switches mode from forehead to in-ear modes. Just remove the cover to reveal the in-ear measurement cone tip, and Thad automatically knows you want to switch to in-ear mode and does that for you. 
    The user manual includes a handy reference table of normal temperature ranges for measurement in various body locations (forehead, ear, oral, etc.), and for baby vs. adult.

    In ear temperature measurement is always the most accurate way for any thermometer in the world to measure human body temperature because it directly measures core body temperature, but it is not as quick or convenient as forehead measurement and is quite intrusive when it's done right.

    With Thad, you can use the forehead mode to get a very reliable indication of whether baby has a fever or not, and how high this fever is. Then, if necessary you can switch to in-ear mode in a one second to get the best temperature reading.

     Urban Baby Infrared Thermometer


    Thad is experienced...

    Clinically proven by the manufacturer to ensure your readings are reliably accurate.

    Urban Baby Infrared Thermometer


    Example uses: 
    Bath water temperature for baby or elderly 
    Baby milk temperature 
    Restaurant entrance
    Fever detection at home


    FAST               : Get result in 1 second.
    ACCURATE     : Quality sensor for high-accuracy measurement.
    EASY               : Three-color screen indicates temperature (green / yellow / red for normal / marginal / fever temperature). Audible fever alarm for temperature over 38ºC(100.4ºF)
    CONVENIENT : Convert easily between ºC and ºF.
    RECORDING   : Saves 25 readings in memory.
    FRIENDLY       : Audible alarm (can be switched on/off). Backlit display for use in the dark without waking baby.

    Urban Baby Infrared Thermometer


    Temperature range: 32.0~42.9 ºC  (89.6~109.3 ºF) for body temp; and 0 ~ 100  ºC  (32~212 ºF) for object temp
    Batteries: 2 x AAA. Batteries included
    Screen color: Green for temp  <37.5ºC(99.5ºF);  Yellow for temp 37.5ºC~37.9(99.5~100.2ºF);  Red for temp >37.9ºC(100.2ºF) 
    Fever Alarm:  temp >38ºC(100.4ºF) ( Normal: Beep; Fever: Beep-Beep 6 times; Error: Beep...Beep) 

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