Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS
Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS
Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS
Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS
Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS
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Universal Stroller Trailer: TOBIAS

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    Tobias Is Always Ready To Be your Right Hand Assistant

    Tobias is a trailer that attaches to your baby stroller / pram / pushchair / buggy to allow an space for one additional passenger behind the stroller, who can be transported along with your baby. When not in use, Tobias folds up so it's always ready to assist.

    urban baby Tobias universal stroller trailer

    At the end of a shopping day with the kids. Or going home after a long day out. The children are tired. So are you. Baby is fussing, while older brother is clamoring to be carried because his feet are tired. But there's only one stroller for baby. And you only have two arms, both of them exhausted. Help! This is when you turn to Tobias to be your right-hand-assistant.

    And Tobias has manners too: When you reach your destination, Tobias folds out of the way, ready to serve again when needed.

    Urban Baby Tobias universal stroller trailer
    Urban Baby Tobias universal stroller trailer

    Tobias is Strong Without Flab

    With a load capacity of 30kg (66lb), Tobias can carry children up to about 8 or 9. Every kilo / pound that Tobias carries, is a kilo / pound that your tired arms are spared from carrying. Tobias is strong AND super light. 

    Tobias Will Support You, Wherever You Stand (or Sit)

    The non-slip platform on Tobias is wide enough to stand safely on while the stroller is in motion. At the same time, the padded seat is comfortable enough for long  stints of sitting down. IT lets your kids sit then stand. Then sit then stand. Then do that over and over. The seat and seat post can even be removed in seconds, allowing more standing room, and saving weight.

    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer
    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer

    Smooth Moves, Even Over Rough Pavement

    The polyurethane wheels are great at damping vibrations and bums due to the pavement, making Tobias quiet, durable and smooth-running.

    Secure Attachment (INSTALLATION VIDEO)

    Tobias's universal attachment system works with almost any stroller type and size. The flexible attachment arms pivot up/down and left/right to accommodate any stroller height and width. The industrial-strength VelcroTM based straps attach securely to any size stroller bar or axle.

    Urban Baby Universal Stroller Trailer: Tobias
    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer

    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer

    Tobias Is Very Forgiving When It Comes To Stroller Shapes

    With a tenacious double flexible Velcro attachment, and adjustable attachment arms, there is (almost) no stroller that Tobias can't handle.

    Urban Baby Universal Tobias Stroller Trailer: compatible Strollers

    Comfort is King

    The platform on Tobias is non-slip and made from tough polypropylene for peace of mind and durability. The cushioned seat  is built for comfort. 


    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer: Comfort



    Tobias Dimensions 

    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller Trailer

    Tobias At Your Service

    Urban Baby Tobias Universal Stroller

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